Tips for having a calm dog

Nothing is worse than coming home to a crazy dog that is jumping off the walls, or one who cannot sit still during dinner time.  If you would like some tips for having a calm dog are listed below.

Provide Plenty of Exercise
One of the best tips for having a calm dog throughout the day is to provide plenty of exercise.  Like humans, the majority of dogs receive too little exercise, leading them to display rambunctious behaviours.  Depending on the age and breed of your pet, he or she requires a minimum of thirty minutes to more than four hours of daily exercise.  If you are unable to provide for the exercise needs of your pet, consider hiring a Dogtrax dog walker.

Practice the “Nothing in Life is Free” Principle
Too often, an excited behaviour in dogs is unwittingly reinforced by pet owners.  Does your dog jump on you the second you walk through the door?  Does your pet become excited when you fill the food bowl?  To counteract these behaviours, practice the “nothing in life is free” principle, where you require your dog to perform a command before your pet is given anything.  For instance, before you lay down the food bowl, ask your dog to sit.  Before you place the lead on your pet, ask for him or her to lie down.  These actions will teach your dog that calm behaviour is rewarded and surely one of the most important tips for having a calm dog.

Decrease Boredom
Bored dogs have a tendency to find their own ways to have fun, such as by digging holes in the backyard, getting into the garbage, and destroying the furniture.  Another one of our tips for having a calm dog is to provide mental stimulation that suits your pet.  For instance, if you have a scent hound, a great game to play is “hide and go treat.”  Simply hide treats around the house and then ask your dog to find them.

Give your Dog Structure
Dogs require reliable routines throughout the day.  When a routine is disrupted – or there is no routine at all – your dog may become anxious and uncontrollable.  Your pet needs a stable exercise, feeding, play, and sleep routine in order to feel comfortable in his or her surrounding and not be “on edge.”

Socialise your Dog
Socialisation is one of the most important components of pet ownership and requires that your dog be introduced to as many new sights, sounds, animals, humans, smells, and experiences as possible.  Socialisation provides your pet with the ability to cope with new stimuli in a productive way.  In addition, dogs that have developed bad habits around the house, such as barking at the post man or becoming aggressive towards passing dogs or people, likely are suffering from a lack of socialisation.  The good news is that you can socialise your dog anywhere, simply by taking him or her for a walk in a new location, going on a trip to the pet store, or meeting new dogs in a controlled environment.

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