Proper dog walking exercise

With every New Year that comes upon us, many people resolved to get healthier and lose weight.  While these resolutions are fantastic goals for humans, they should be made for our pets as well.  Depending on breed, dogs should receive a minimum of 1 – 3 hours of proper dog walking exercise per day.  Walking one or two times daily is a great way to reach this exercise requirement and has a significant number of benefits, all of which will help keep your pet happy, healthy, and better behaved.

Walking Reduces the Risk of Disease
Proper dog walking exercise is regular exercise and one of the most important aspects for increasing the quality of your dog’s life.  Walking improves circulation, which can mitigate the painful effects of muscular and joint disorders, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.  Exercise also helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, which prevents diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, certain cancers, thyroid disorders, liver and kidney malfunctions.  As such, walking can help lower your vet bill in the long run and save you money.  Additionally, depending on your dog’s size and build, for every 1 – 3 kg that your dog is overweight, his lifespan is drastically shortened.  Keeping your dog on a regular walking routine will lead to more energy, which will improve his happiness.

Better Behaviour
A number of bad behaviours in dogs are a direct result of boredom and a lack of exercise.  Habits such as excessive barking, digging, destructive tendencies, separation anxiety and chewing can all be traced back to a need for an appropriate energy outlet.  Proper dog walking exercise, i.e. long walks will tire out your dog which will eliminate the need for him to find ways to entertain himself.  Tired dogs also have fewer aggressive tendencies and tend to be much calmer.

A key aspect of owning a dog is providing ample opportunities for socialisation.  Exposing your dog to as many new sights, smells, people and experiences as possible is crucial for keeping your dog from becoming protective, aggressive, and stressed out over new situations.  Proper dog walking exercise is a great way to introduce your pup to new people and also help reinforce the proper way to greet strangers.  You may pass other dogs on your walking route, which will encourage him to behave appropriately if he wants to say HI to the other dogs.  Sniffing the neighbourhood and being outdoors will provide the mental stimulation that every dog, as well as every human, requires on a basic level.

Even the most well behaved dogs need to practice their obedience skills in distracted settings.  Going out for a walk with a few treats in hand is a great way to help your dog work on commands such as sit, heel, leave it, and drop it.  Proper dog walking exercise will tire the dog and make them a little less “bouncy” and resistant to learning.

Overall, time spent outdoors with your dog is time spent bonding.  The number one desire that dogs crave is attention from their human and one-on-one time spent together outside is a way for your dog to experience true happiness.

We appreciate that you work hard during the week so you can have a dog.
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