Dogtrax dog walking

Let’s face it: every dog could use more exercise in his or her life.  From an ancestral perspective, dogs are not wired to live the sedentary lifestyle of humans.  Instead, dogs, like wolves, are meant to roam, explore, sniff, and hunt.  However, finding the time to keep up with most dogs’ exercise requirements is near impossible for the average dog owner.  That is where Dogtrax dog walking comes in.  They are able to provide your pup with the exercise he or she requires.
Discussed below are only a few of the benefits that hiring this dog walking service provides to you and your pet.

Firstly and perhaps the biggest advantage of Dogtrax dog walking is the ability of the owner to have the GPS data that shows exactly where the dog walked, how fast it ran, and what time it was collected and returned home.  This will satisfy your expectations and takes care of the many horror stories of poorly behaved dog walkers.

Many owners feel guilty about leaving their beloved pets home alone all day.  Dogtrax dog walking provides peace of mind to the owner that, not only are dogs out enjoying fresh air and exercise, but they are also staying out of trouble.  One of the greatest benefits of daily exercise is that dogs display fewer behavioural problems or aggression issues as a result.  Just like humans, dogs can have too much pent up energy.  Without a proper outlet, dogs tend to relieve their boredom by being destructive around the house or acting out for attention.  When your dog is regularly walked, you can expect your pup to display a calmer demeanor with fewer dominant tendencies, such as being protective of the house or garden.  In addition, dogs with separation anxiety can greatly benefit from walking with the Dogtrax dog walker during the day, because a tired dog is a much happier and less stressed pet.

The second benefit of being involved in a dog walking program is the numerous health advantages. Canine obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems among pets.  Being overweight can lead to early onset of arthritis, diabetes, kidney and liver malfunction and a decreased quality of life.  Regular exercise helps improves circulation, strengthen muscles, and improve the immune system.  Although most walks last one hour, dogs with extra exercise needs can spend the entire day with a Dogtrax dog walker.  Just as humans should not sit all day, neither should your dog.

With Dogtrax, dogs are guaranteed to be provided crucial socialisation opportunities, as well.  Socialisation is one of the most important aspects of owning a well-behaved, well-adjusted pet.  Dogs are walked in groups of six to eight, which helps your pet work on key skills such as behaving well with other animals.  Dog walkers are specially trained to help with this socialisation process and are able to ensure a safe, friendly, and fun walk for all!

Dogtrax dog walking is a hassle-free way to ensure your pet’s energy requirements are being met.  All arrangements can be made online, including payment.  The Dogtrax dog walker can pick up and return your pet to your home at no extra cost.

Lastly, Dogtrax likes to take photos!  Colourful clear photos of your dog at play, having fun with the pack and enjoying life to the full.  If you like a photo so much you would like the original high resolution image, we can provide that too!

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