Benefits of dog day care

There are many benefits of dog day care and sending your pet to one during the day, beyond the obvious – the advantage is that your pet will come home happy and exhausted!  For many pets and owners, dog day care can be a true lifesaver as it keeps pets out of trouble during the day.  The most important benefits are reviewed below.

All dogs require socialisation and for many pups, the more they socialised the better behaved they are at home.  These important benefits of dog day care will allow your pet will interact with a rotating set of dogs in a highly controlled manner while learning better behaviour skills along the way.

Good Manners
At doggy day care, the humans in charge always ensure that good manners are followed at all times.  In order to keep peace and harmony, dogs are expected to listen to humans, wait their turn and play nicely.  Owners are often surprised how well behaved their dogs are at home after a few trips to Dogtrax dog day care!  We would consider this to be one of the most important and useful benefits of dog day care.

One of the best benefits of dog day care is the exercise that dogs receive from playing all day.  For dogs that are high-energy, going to day care a few times per week can keep them calm, tired, and happy.  For dogs that need to lose weight, going to day care is a great way to help them shed a few pounds, just through the sheer exuberance of fun!

Less Boredom
Going to dog day care relieves boredom in pets that otherwise spend the day at home.  Interacting with new dogs and people, plus being taught fun games to play, provides plenty of mental stimulation to keep boredom at bay.

Better Behaviour
Does your dog have bad habits, such as digging, chewing, or destroying the furniture?  Often, these habits are due to your pet simply being bored, lack of exercise and a lack of socialisation or stimulation.  Since dog day care provides all three benefits to your pet, you can expect better behaviour in return.

Tired Dog
As all dog owners can attest, a tired dog is a happy dog.  After spending all day making friends, romping around, and playing, your pup will come home dog-tired (like what I did there!) leaving you with freedom to spend the evening at home as you please.

Separation Anxiety
Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?  Many dog owners of anxious pups attest to the benefits of dog day care as a way to keep their pets safe throughout the day, while also avoiding coming home to massive amounts of destruction.  Separation anxiety is a top reason why animals are given up for adoption, but with regular visits to dog day care the condition can be managed.

Owner Peace of Mind
Many pet owners worry about their dogs throughout the day, wondering what they are doing, what kind of trouble they are getting into and whether they are okay.  Sending your pet to dog day care helps relieve these worries in pet owners, knowing that their beloved pup is in good hands with a canine professional.  Your pup will have so much fun that even the words “day care” will elicit an excited response.

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