GPS Tracking
Dog walking
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Will you collect my dog from home?
Yes.  We use a van to collect your dog from home.  Please ask if you wish to see the transportation facilities.
How do I pay?
We accept payments only bank transfer – sorry we don’t accept cash.
What is GPS dog walking?
The GPS dog walking allows observation of your dogs movements during their walk on your pc or smartphone.  Our clients are provided with personal log in details that allow them to do this.
How does the GPS tracking work?
We attach a GPS collar to the dog before it goes out for a walk.
Clients use their personal log in for the web platform and get up-to-date location tracking.  They’re able to view the walking route, the speed graph, view the history and check the times, allowing them to know when, where and for how long we were walking your dog.  The GPS tracker updates every few seconds and its accurate to within a few feet.
How many dogs do you walk in the pack?
Typically, we walk a pack of up to eight dogs at one time.  We walk twice per day.  Our insurance covers us to eight dogs per walk.
Do I need a dog walker?
Yes. If you own a dog that needs exercise, a dog walker is thoroughly recommended. For some dogs, staying at home alone can lead to boredom, destruction and lots of pent up energy.  Dogs need a daily routine of fun, exercise and stimulation.
A Dog Walker will help your dog to be more social, easier to be around and overall they will be calmer and more friendly.  Your personal training will be more fruitful and your dogs temperament happier.  Pets left alone all day can become listless, unhappy/destructive; and too little exercise can be the root of many problems.
Do you provide dog training?
Generally, no.  Dog training can take time and require patience; although we have both, results can be achieved quickly while some results may take considerable time and patience (depending upon the breed and temperament of the dog).
We will walk your dog and provide some basic commands which you probably already use but additional or specialist training, is not something we do.
Does the GPS tracking cost extra?
The GPS dog walking service is provided at no additional cost.
Your mobile phone provider may charge for the data you use to access these facilities.