Grooming necessities

When looking after your dog at home, there are a number of grooming necessities that make the job easy.  Listed below are the grooming necessities you should buy in order to keep your pet fresh and clean.

Nail Clippers
If you are comfortable with clipping your dog’s nails at home, a good set of nail clippers is a necessity.  Since no one is perfect (not even the groomer), a styptic pen (stops bleeding) should also be kept nearby in case the nail quick is accidentally nicked.  For owners who are not comfortable using a set of nail clippers, a grinding tool, which sands the dog’s nails into rounded edges, may be more appropriate.

Straight Edge Scissors
If you are going to have just one pair of scissors in amongst your grroming necessities, the straight edge scissors is most important.  As it sounds, straight edge scissors are composed of two straight blades, and are used to cut mats out of a dog’s fur, to do initial shaping of the fur, and to trim the face, paws, ears, and tail.

If your dog has long hair that requires shaving, investing in a good set of clippers is necessary.  Look for a set from a trusted company, such as Oster or Wahl and be mindful that you typically get what you pay for when it comes to grooming supplies.

The most important consideration when purchasing dog shampoo is that the ingredients are sensitive enough for your dog’s skin.  Many breeds such as Beagles and Labrador Retrievers suffer from dry, itchy skin.  An oatmeal or avocado based shampoo provides moisture without stripping your pet’s skin of natural hydration.

If your dog has long fur that is prone to mats or tangles, conditioner is necessary.  For best results, purchase the same brand as your shampoo and look for a formulation that is specific to your dog’s needs.  For short-coat breeds such as Beagles, a conditioner may not be necessary.

Finishing Spray
For dogs with long, rough coats (such as Wheaton Terriers), a finishing spray is useful for ensuring the dog can be combed through easily, without the brush sticking in the fur.  Look for a brand that will not leave behind grease or residue, and one that is rated for thick coats.

There are many types of brushes available as part of your grooming necessities.  If your dog sheds, a de-shedding brush is useful after a bath.  Otherwise, a grooming comb will suffice.

Ear Cleaner
A dog’s ears should be regularly cleaned in order to prevent ear infections.  Most owners have their dog’s ears cleaned while at the groomers, which is an ideal time since the dog’s ears are most likely already wet.  Massage a gentle ear cleaning solution into the ears and then wipe them clean with a dry tissue.  Never place anything (such as a cotton bud) into a dog’s ear canal.

Tear Stain Remover
If your dog has a white coat, you may have noticed unsightly dark areas beneath his or her eyes.  These are tear stains, and can be removed with a gentle tear stain remover or saline solution.

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